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AROUND offers services that offer solutions to day to day challenges and lets you get the best out of the urban environment.

Whether you need a nap, a shower, a nibble, a concierge, a business contact, a mail address or a space to meet and greet, AROUND evolves around you and your needs.

Your space in the city centre.

Your space in the city centre.

  • Community Room

    The living room you always wanted (and deserve). The perfect table to read or write without the chaos of the high street. Modern, warm interior design. Stylish but liveable. You finally own a place in the downtown areas of cities around the globe.

  • Shower

    Might be after a jog, might be before a date. AROUND offers you beautifully appointed showers that we think will probably beat the one in your local gym!

  • Siesta

    A power nap, a chance to relax and get rid of that head ache. Shhh! AROUND offers a quiet room with napping pods for you to find your balance again.

  • Lockers

    A good place to leave your things in a safe and stylish environment.

  • Your new address

    Finally someone is always home to receive your mail orders. Also looks good to use your club address on your business card in case your budding business venture doesn’t have an office on the best high streets in town.

  • Concierge on demand

    Our team is there to give you tips and help you make the most of the experience AROUND town and not only in our lounges. Especially useful for our members who are not from the same town and need some work, play or nibble style tips.

Work & Play

Work & Play

  • Wifi

    Just in case you were still wondering. Yes its fast, yes its secure and yes its free. Quick Netflix episode before you rush to the airport. Will not be an issue!

  • Meeting rooms

    Classy, stylish meeting spaces at a great central address in a private environment. Not all businesses and entrepreneurs have spaces like that available. Our members do. Our meeting spaces have the tech you need to hold your meeting but are spaces designed for you to also have a drink there if your wish.

    Consulta los precios en nuestra app
  • Printing station

    We go green. Big time. But we understand that sometimes you still have that one off need of printing something. Pop into AROUND and we will take care of that for you in a second.



  • AROUND Token

    AROUND is a cashless environment. All our members are given a business card size NFC token but some like to turn on the style and grab one of our NFC inclusive keychains, bracelets etc..

  • Cashless

    You don’t pay for anything with cash in your house or your friends house do you. Well, you don’t need/use cash in AROUND either. All charges are done digitally and you will get the bill directly on your credit card.

  • App AROUND

    Our APP allows you a huge array of services. See realtime lounge occupancy to make sure you don’t turn up when it’s packed. Reserve your shower slot to guarantee its waiting for you when you get there. Connect with the team or the community members. Events calendar, partner benefits AROUND the city, the list is long…

Food Bar

Food Bar

  • Your daily coffee

    Everyone deserves a good coffee. Thats why all our membership levels include at least one coffee a day. To drink here or on the road. Up to you.

  • Honor Bar

    Serve yourself the drinks and snacks you want and charge them to yourself. We trust that just because you can steal a glass of wine from the lounge doesn’t mean you will! After all you did accept the DON’T MESS AROUND House rules. We trust our community.

  • Nibble

    All day snacks, a quick breakfast a healthy lunch salad or a nibble with your afterwork drinks. Always tasty, always carefully presented.

  • Take Away

    We know you love it here, but if you don’t have the time to stick AROUND, you can bring the best of us with you.



  • Network

    As a private club, we aim to ensure our community adds value equally to all our members. Increase your network, friends or customer base with a group of people you share your same motivation, values and drive.

  • Care AROUND

    Our members care. About themselves and about others. We help them give by being a stage on which we can bring together valuable CSR initiatives and let our members find a simple and fulfilling and personal way to contribute to making this a better world.

  • Events

    AROUND is always buzzing. Whether its an event in the lounge our AROUND town, whether its a party, a CSR event or a book signing there is always something going on for our members to do.

  • Normas del Lounge

    Entre los socios y empleados de AROUND, se ha creado un ambiente agradable y acogedor. Para que esto no cambie se tiene que respetar las normas del lounge.


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Around Madrid nace con un concepto innovador ya que está dirigido a nativos digitales.

— Expansión – 20/10/18

“El club privado se reinventa en Madrid”

— The New York Times Magazine

“Around, más que un club, una nueva y tecnológica comunidad”


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